Thursday, January 15, 2009

Healthy Tips--quick oats for breads

Frances, I hope you'll allow me to offer a suggestion that we can share healthy tips for cooking as well, not just recipes. I've found that healthy cooking involves tweaking good recipes just as much as finding them.

For instance, I've just recently figured out that adding quick oats with a wheat flour substitute improves the texture of wheat bread, and adds more whole grain. Example: I have a bread stick recipe that calls for 3 C flour. I substitute 1 C wheat flour (old trick) and 1/2 C quick oats (new trick!) for the same amount of all-purpose flour. You can't even see the quick oats in the bread when you're done, and it gives the wheat bread a more moist texture.


Frances said...

I love cooking tips, they are often better than recipes themselves. Thanks for the tip, I am totally going to try it.

McClure Family said...

i haven't tried using quick oats yet because i like the thick texture for regular oatmeal and cookies..but for cooking and substituting.. I can see them being GREAT! NICE TIP!